Everyone has questions, and not surprisingly there is a short list that is asked by just about everyone considering a refinishing or remodeling project. We've listed those below with answers. If you should have a specific question you would like to ask, call or email us. We'd be happy to provide you with information.

Q. Do you offer financing?

A. We do not offer financing; however we can make suggestions concerning financing options. There are several lenders who specialize in financing for remodeling projects. We would be happy to put you in touch with one of them.

Q. What about payment schedules?

A. If you are dealing with a lending institution, they will often determine when the payments will be made. If you are financing the project from a home equity loan, for example, we usually suggest a weekly payment schedule. This has two advantages. Other than a deposit, you, the client, don't put out money up front. You "pay as you go" - and you can see the work progressing as you are paying for it. Second, it enables us to run a more efficient operation knowing in advance what payments are coming in every week. This translates into better job cost control and a tighter job schedule - two things which are very important to our clients.

Q. Do you have insurance or bonding?

A. We carry full workman's compensation coverage and liability in excess of one million dollars. You will be provided a copy of the Certificate of Insurance with you listed as a certificate holder upon contract signing. We are in full compliance with bonding regulations in both Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Q. Do you provide a free estimate?

A. Yes, at the time of our initial meeting with you we will size up the job and try to give you "ball park" figures for the project. We use our years of experience and comparable jobs completed to arrive at this figure(s) - much as a realtor uses "comparables" to determine the value of your house. If you then want to continue with a detailed written Proposal or employ us for a Design/Build project, we require a fee which is applied to your job should you decide to proceed with Coyote. The amount of the fee, which includes construction documents, can vary based upon size, specifications and complexity of the project.

Q. What if we want to make changes after we have signed a contract?

A. Our Proposals are very detailed, showing step-by-step the procedure we will use to affect the completed project and the cost. The Proposal will also list the exact products that are to be used. This way you know exactly what we are going to do and how much it is going to cost and we know exactly what we are expected to do. Obviously, things can change or be accidentally left out. In this case we will write a change order specifying the change to be made to the Proposal and how much it will cost. The change order must be signed prior to the beginning of the work involved and payment is expected when the change order is executed.

Q. Do you furnish references?

A. Of course. And we expect you to call them. We work hard to have the best reputation in our area and we are proud of it. We love to have our clients do our selling for us.

Q. When can you start?

A. Lead times can vary, but usually we are booked out two to four months in advance. Often, by the time the design work is completed, the special order products are ordered and in local inventory, and the permits are acquired, we are ready to start.

Q. How closely do you adhere to the job timeline. Can I plan on you being finished when you said you would?

A. Before your job begins, we will supply you with a copy of our production schedule. We attempt to stick to the schedule always. Sometimes Mother Nature won't cooperate, but this is usually the exception. It is to our advantage to get the job done on time and on budget. We want you to tell your friends and neighbors good things about Coyote Construction & Remodeling!

Q. How much does it cost to go to the design stage of a project?

A. The cost can vary considerably, but the thing to remember is that all design costs will be applied to the project if you decide to go ahead with Coyote Construction & Remodeling. We have had clients go through ten revisions to make sure we got the design "just right". And ultimately the costs associated with these revisions were included in the completed project. This is not often true of an architect - who gets paid whether you do the project or not.

Q. Do you provide a guarantee or warranty?

A. Our craftsmanship has a full warranty for one year. This means anything from drywall cracks to squeaky hinges. We want you to be happy with our work and we know that sometimes things happen - and we don't want those "things" to make you think of us in a poor light. We want you to enjoy your project.

Q. What about building permits and all that?

A. We handle all the zoning and building permits. In most areas, whoever procures the building permits is liable for making sure that all zoning ordinances, building codes and safety practices are adhered to. We also find that we are best able to answer any questions that the building department might have and we usually already have a working relationship with the local Building Inspectors.

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